Floreana island | Cormorant Point- Post Office Bay

After breakfast the inflatable dinghies will bring you to the rocky rim of Devil’s Crown, which is located just outside the bay of Cormorant Point. If fantastic deep-water snorkelling (with sometimes stronger currents) is not your thing or if you rather prefer birdwatching, alternatively you can make a great ride by inflatable dinghy (landing is prohibited on these marine visitor’s sites).After a snack we make a wet landing on the greeny beach of Cormorant Point. From here you will follow the sandy path to the other, powdery sand beach of the peninsula, which has been formed by a lava tongue (Easy Level; about 1,5 km, 1 mi). At the route you can observe the American flamingo lagoon from different viewpoints and perspectives.
After a short displacement to Post Office Bay and lunch, you can post your holiday greetings in the traditional barrel just behind the beach (wet landing), which is also a comfortable place to relax. Next you can explore the submerged crater rim that surrounds the neighbouring bay of Baroness Lookout in your own pace by sea-kayak, or by inflatable dinghy.
The snorkeling in this islands is like plunging in a huge tropical aquarium, swimming amidst schools of thousands of brightly coloured tropical fish, as yellowtail surgeon fishes and king angelfishes, and many other species. Sometimes a Pacific green turtle or Galapagos sea lion is passing; and don’t scare when you eventually might meet a scalloped hammerhead shark! On the bottom you can distinguish resting whitetip reef sharks, different species of ray and starfishes. Above sea level the dramatic decor of the jagged crater rim provides living space to lots of coastal birds, including lava gulls, blue-footed and Nazca boobies, brown pelicans, and red-billed tropicbirds, which look for protected nesting places in caves or ledges under a rock overhang. And the opposite land head of Floreana is a nesting place for magnificent frigatebirds, where you could also head for.

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Floreana island | Cormorant Point- Post Office Bay

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