Isabela island: Moreno Point- Elizabeth Bay- Marielas Islets

After breakfast first we make an inflatable dinghy-ride along the shoreline, followed by a ‘dry landing’ (with footwear) and a guided hike that crosses the crumbling, pitch black lava fields of Moreno Point. After a snack snorkeling is planned.

At noon we will sail for 2 hours to Elizabeth Bay. Meanwhile you can enjoy lunch and a siesta. On arrival a long dinghy-ride is scheduled to both the offshore rocks and sheltered mangles.

Moreno Point tells the continuing story of the famous lunatic lava fields of Sullivan Bay. This once lifeless lava field becomes dotted with tidal pools and filtration lagoons since parts of the crust have broken and fallen into the undermining lava tunnels. Your pictures get the perfect finishing touch when bright American flamingos forage in the largest lagoon as well. The fresh promising pioneer vegetation seems on the winning hand; just until Sierra Negra volcano spits a new layering cover, and the story starts all over again.

The Marielas islets are an excellent place to spot marine iguanas and small family groups of Galapagos penguins in the front row of the cliffs. The endangered Galapagos penguin is the rarest penguin species worldwide (just some 1500 birds over all archipelago; please don’t expect vast colonies as in Antarctic regions). You will have the oportunity to see Brown pelicans, the only pelicans in the world that plunge-dive, though more superficial than the spectacular rocket like diving blue-footed boobies. Pacific green turtles swim graceful around, popping-up their heads for breathing. You may also encounter spotted eagle rays or sharks, looking for protected inlets to give birth and leave their young alone.

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Isabela island: Moreno Point- Elizabeth Bay- Marielas Islets

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