Santa Cruz Island | Ballena Bay – Dragon Hill

Ballena Bay: Breakfast in the morning. Wet Landing.The visitor site is a cove of green sand at the basis of Ballena Hill on the west coast of Santa Cruz Island. The beach contains a large amount of olivine crystals, the same that originate from volcanic materials. The crystals were formed when the magma was still underground. Near the beach there are ceramic relics, which reflect human settlements that were close to the beach in 1846. Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 2 hours. Lunch at noon. Dragon Hill: Dry Landing. The site visit is located in the northwest of Santa Cruz Island, and consists of a path that runs for three different environments in just 1,600 m in length. It gets its name because in 1975, was one of the only places in the Santa Cruz Island where there were land iguanas in healthy state. Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 2 hours.

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Santa Cruz Island | Ballena Bay – Dragon Hill

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