San Cristobal Island: Airport | Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | Las Tijeretas | Kicker Rock

In the morning you will fly from either Quito or Guayaquil (on the Ecuadorian mainland) to the Galapagos Islands. At the airport on San Cristóbal Island, after you will pay your entrance fee to the national park, a member of the ship’s crew will welcome you and accompany you to your yacht. On San Cristobal Island, today we will visit Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of Ecuador’s Galapagos Province, which is the second most populated island in the archipelago. The island has been inhabited for more than 100 years mainly because it has many sources of fresh water, while today’s inhabitants of the town live off of fishing and sustainable tourism. At this port you will have a chance to explore its shops and the local tortoise breeding center. Later we will hike up the hill called “Las Tijeretas,” the common local name for “Frigatebirds.” In addition to a spectacular view of the bay and the rooftops of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (the Galapagos’ provincial capital), you can also observe many of those dramatically looking birds. In the afternoon we will follow the route that Charles Darwin once took and sail around the massive tuff-rock called Kicker Rock, which is a nesting site for hosts of sea birds. Here, you will be able to find Blue-footed boobies, pelicans, and frigate birds. This is a great site for scuba diving, and hammerhead sharks can be seen in the area.

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San Cristobal Island: Airport | Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | Las Tijeretas | Kicker Rock

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