Standard River Cruises | Adventure in Manatee Amazon Explorer!

Amazonas Basin – Pañacocha Biological Corridor – Parrot Clay Lick – Wildlife

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully-equipped vessel with the best conditions to explore the Amazon Basin, and is manned by experienced and conscientious officers, crew members and expedition staff. Explore the Amazon rainforest home to a diversity of flora and fauna species unknown in any other part of the world. More than 20,000 species identified as plants are found in Ecuador and 3,000 species, which constitutes 15%, were found in the

Ecuadorian Amazon basin. The Napo and Aguarico basins protect over 191 mammal species, which represents 51% of all mammal species found in Ecuador. There are between 500 to 550 bird species, which represent 30% of all of Ecuador’s birds. Finally, around 180 reptile and amphibian species were recorded for this region.

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Standard River Cruises | Adventure in Manatee Amazon Explorer!

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