Mitad del Mundo + Teleférico

Travel to visit the Pululahua Crater, Intiñan Museum and the Middle of the World complex with your guide. Also, enjoy a panoramic views of Quito’s beautiful valleys, and snow-capped mountains when you visit Teleferico.

Duration: 6 hours


Fifty minutes from the northwest of Quito (Ecuador) you will find this amazing “Middle of the World” experience. Visit the current equatorial line and straddle the two hemispheres at the same time. In addition have a chance to participate in several experiments on Intiñan Museum such as watching water go down a drain in a different direction only inches away from either side of the equator, or balancing an egg on a nail, or using an ancient sun dial.

After lunch (not included in price), go to Teleferico. This is one of the best ways to enjoy this city with its views of beautiful valleys, snow-capped mountains and the capital Quito.

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Mitad del Mundo + Teleférico

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