Flora and Fauna

With 46 different ecosystems, Ecuador is one of the 17 most biodiverse countries in the world. Ecuador is one of the best naturally preserved countries in the world, and its geographic and latitudinal positioning as well as its climate and terrain make it the country with the most animal species ...

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Its People

According to the study carried out by investigators of the State University of Michigan, the University of Chicago and the University of Indiana, the countries which form the Top 10 are the ones in which people can relate to one another more easily through “an emotional connection with another person’s ...

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Ecuadorian Andes In the Ecuadorian Andes, the afternoon sun covers extensive areas of untouched moors, while further below in the valleys, it lights up fields of corn, barley, wheat and quinoa, dying them with tints of gold, amber, lilac, and amethyst which change in accordance with the inconstant clouds. In the ...

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Four Worlds in One

The best things in life come in small packages, and this is certainly the case in Ecuador. Not only does Ecuador have all of the diversity mentioned in the last three points but it is also within an area the size of the state of Nevada or the United Kingdom ...

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Cultural Diversity

Aside from Ecuador’s biodiversity, it also has a lot of cultural diversity. Approximately 70% of the population is mixed, that is to say, a mixture of Indians and Spaniards, while 22% are indigenous with 14 nationalities which possess their own cultural identities and speak 12 different languages; some of which, ...

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Festivals and “Fiestas”

Full of tradition, each year the festivities bring joy to both Ecuadorians and tourists, who enjoy the cultural and artistic programming in which each of these celebrations has something to offer. Many of the traditional Ecuadorian “fiestas” come from a pre-hispanic era. Nowadays we can find aboriginal elements in the ...

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The Climate

Being located on the Equator has its advantages. Ecuador is a country which can be visited during any season. Ecuador enjoys a Spring-like climate throughout the year, which creates the perfect conditions for its flora and fauna to develop. Naturally, a different climate and a change in temperature exist between ...

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This is another one of the strongest cultural expressions in Ecuador, particular and specific to each area of the country. In the mountain range, cooking has a strong influence from the Andean world and the typical dishes are related to the Catholic festivities, a few examples being: “fanesca” (soup) and “colada ...

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Ecuador is also an excellent place to experiment Art and has been for many centuries. During the colonial period, the Quito School of Art had a special style, which reflects the mix and the clashing of cultures which occurred during the colonization, with clear indigenous touches which incorporate religious Catholic ...

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In a very real sense, the history of Ecuador possesses a vast architectural heritage. Particularly the historic centers of Quito and Cuenca still maintain the colonial homes, churches and buildings. Quito has the highest concentration of pre-modern architecture of all of South America, which was declared by Unesco in 1978 ...

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